Advertising of Français& Food website

We have made settings and kept advertising for Français& Food since June 2018. Topic — learning of French.

Advertising objective — installation of the mobile application by active Internet users. Advertising channels — Google and Facebook. Rate results yourself.

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Advertising statistics on Google Adwords for June — August 2018 

Thus, during 2 months we have increased the scope and the number of clicks on posts. We have increased CTR by 0.95% and cut down the price for clicks on posts by increasing relevance. We made price for an application twice cheaper and doubled conversion rate. Total victory. The customer is satisfied.

Advertising statistic on Facebook for August — September 2018

During 1 month on Facebook we have achieved conversion growth (application installation) by 80%. We have increased the number of application installation by 23, in addition advertising budget expenses have been cut down twice and price for the installation was reduced by 9.18€. The customer is satisfied again.

The most important — is that we saved advertising budget of the customer and increased desired actions.