Promotion of the ModaUnion website

We have started works on ModaUnion website optimization in April 2016. Rate the result. Within half a year we have brought 92% of queries to Top-10.

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Promotion results:

Number of search queries in Top-10
Was: 0
Grew up to: 12
Key words brought to Top-10: 92%

Website status in Great Britain

The status itself does not solve anything. The key – is the number of site population.
According to the data of YandexMetrika the number of the website visiting has increased a 2,000 fold (from 1 up to 2,000 visitors a month) and keeps growing.

There is more to come! If there is a desire, systematic work and appropriate budget it is possible to achieve even more.

The schedule of going directly to the website from the search engines since April 8, 2016 till December 26, 2016